Our Cause, Our Goal, Our Thanks

Our Cause, Our Goal, Our Thanks

Our Cause…

Is Supporting Education, Research, & Treatment of RSD/Neuropathic Chronic Pain Diseases.

RSD (aka Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) is a highly complex neurological disease of the sympathetic nervous system, a malfunction of sorts, and a chronic pain disorder.  Characterized by chronic, unyielding pain, the disease is often progressive: degeneration of muscles, bones, and skin; joint thickening; acute and diffuse osteoporosis; tremors; vasospasms/failing temperature regulation; severe arthritis; limb swelling; piercing muscle spasms; severe fatigue…

Over time, these changes can become irreversible, causing loss of mobility and partial or total disability.

RSD also has a direct effect on circulation, and appears to be associated with serious disturbances in the immune system.

This disease‚ the most perplexing in its category, often creates emotional, financial, and physical devastation.

On the McGill Pain Index, RSD/CRPS ranks among the most agonizing, debilitating experiences a body can go through.


Our Goal…

Is to advance research, actively seek new and innovative treatments, and increase understanding of not only RSD/CRPS, but all neuropathic chronic pain diseases.  RSD is too often misdiagnosed, sorely misunderstood, and still unrecognized to this day.

Our event serves to unite the chronic pain community, educate the general public about this debilitating disease, introduce products that may provide comfort, and support all chronic pain patients and their families and friends. We must increase understanding and awareness for earlier diagnoses, and bring much-needed attention and funds for research and treatment.

There is no cure.  Someday we hope to change that.


Proceeds Go To

Supporting research, education, and community outreach for The Pain Center at the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

The Pain Center’s goal is to provide the best patient care possible by offering a personalized and compassionate care plan that gives our patients – and their loved ones – the best quality of life.  We strive to educate our patients, their friends and family, medical professionals, and the community about the debilitating effects of RSD/CRPS and other neuropathic chronic pain diseases.


Our Thanks

To all who make this event happen.  With over 400 participants last year, it was our most successful run to date.  Our enthusiasm in planning, preparing, and completing the event is secondary to our thankfulness for all those who: offered their assistance by volunteering; sponsored aspects of the race so that it would come together beautifully; bravely united to run, walk, or roll for miles that chilly morning; donated goods and services; and, supported our efforts throughout the year for this one important day.


As a volunteer who has spent over 14 years with RSD/CRPS, I know I speak for all of us who are in

constant, and most times, insurmountable pain:

The gratitude will never end…

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