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Woodley Avenue Park

Make a day of it!

The park has the Apollo 3 Flight Field, an archery range, barbecue pits, an unlighted baseball diamond, bike & hiking paths, a children’s play area, enjoy a game of cricket at the cricket fields, have a picnic, visit the premiere wildlife preserve, and watch enthusiasts as they pilot radio-controlled aircraft!

Woodley Avenue Park

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Also in Woodley Avenue Park you’ll find the Japanese Gardens (www.thejapanesegarden.com). Suiho En, the garden of water and fragrance, is a 6½-acre authentic Japanese garden fashioned after “stroll gardens” constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries… [The] facility is unique in that it incorporates three classical designs: a dry karensansui, a wet garden with promenade chisen, and an authentic tea ceremony garden incorporating a 4.5 tatami mat tea room. The designer, Dr. Koichi Kawana, pioneered the design of traditional Japanese gardens which utilized plants native to the area of the garden.

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Lake Balboa

Anthony C. Beilenson Park (formerly Lake Balboa Park) is an 80-acre water recreation facility within the Sepulveda Flood Control basin. The centerpiece of the park, Lake Balboa, is a 27-acre lake filled with water reclaimed from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant. Recreation activities include fishing, boating, remote-control boating and jogging/walking. Access is from Balboa Boulevard.

Balboa Park, Van Nuys, CA
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Pets are allowed but must be leashed. Owners are responsible for removal of defecation. Dogs are not permitted to swim in the lake.

Bike Rentals Kite & Model Rockets Private Boating Barbeque Pits Cherry Blossom Trees
Lake w/fishing 1.3 mile Walk/Jog Path Ample Parking! Picnic Tables & Pavilions Cascade
Remote Boating Fitness Kayak Program Fowl Children’s Play Area* Restrooms

*The Department of Recreation & Parks dedicated a universally accessible playground – a playground designed for handicapped and non-handicapped children – in 2008.