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Woodley Avenue Park

Make a day of it!

The park has the Apollo 3 Flight Field, an archery range, barbecue pits, an unlighted baseball diamond, bike & hiking paths, a children’s play area, enjoy a game of cricket at the cricket fields, have a picnic, visit the premiere wildlife preserve, and watch enthusiasts as they pilot radio-controlled aircraft!

Woodley Avenue Park

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Also in Woodley Avenue Park you’ll find the Japanese Gardens (www.thejapanesegarden.com). Suiho En, the garden of water and fragrance, is a 6½-acre authentic Japanese garden fashioned after “stroll gardens” constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries… [The] facility is unique in that it incorporates three classical designs: a dry karensansui, a wet garden with promenade chisen, and an authentic tea ceremony garden incorporating a 4.5 tatami mat tea room. The designer, Dr. Koichi Kawana, pioneered the design of traditional Japanese gardens which utilized plants native to the area of the garden.

NEW! L.A. River Kayak Program Launches at Balboa Park!


Lake Balboa

Anthony C. Beilenson Park (formerly Lake Balboa Park) is an 80-acre water recreation facility within the Sepulveda Flood Control basin. The centerpiece of the park, Lake Balboa, is a 27-acre lake filled with water reclaimed from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant. Recreation activities include fishing, boating, remote-control boating and jogging/walking. Access is from Balboa Boulevard.

Balboa Park, Van Nuys, CA

Pets are allowed but must be leashed. Owners are responsible for removal of defecation. Dogs are not permitted to swim in the lake.

Bike Rentals Kite & Model Rockets Private Boating Barbeque Pits Cherry Blossom Trees
Lake w/fishing 1.3 mile Walk/Jog Path Ample Parking! Picnic Tables & Pavilions Cascade
Remote Boating Fitness Kayak Program Fowl Children’s Play Area* Restrooms

*The Department of Recreation & Parks dedicated a universally accessible playground – a playground designed for handicapped and non-handicapped children – in 2008.